First 3mm miniature order from Microworld Games


These little buggers from Microworld Games have been itching for quite a while now. They look very promising from the shop and i was short of ordering them several times. Never did it tho because i still have so much Cold War stuff to paint, base and label. But everyone needs some change here and there i guess, so a few minutes ago i finally put my very first order at Microworld Games. Now i patiently (i’m really excited) wait for my new 3mm miniatures to arrive.

What’s inside you ask? Well, i put together four 3mm miniature starter armies in total: two fantasy and two scifi.

The fantasy armies

Elven Army

One of the fantasy armies are the Elves. My choice for the start included:

  • Command pack with mages and extra spear units
  • A regiment of spears
  • A regiment of swords
  • A regiment of archers
  • Light cavalry armed with spears and short bows
Microworld Games Elven Army overview
Microworld Games Elven Army overview

Orc Army

For the other fantasy army i picked the Orcs – classic choice. These include:

  • A command unit plus spell casters and guard units
  • A regiment of spears
  • An Orc warrior regiment
  • A pack of crossbow troops
  • Hyena riders for the light cavalry
Microworld Games Orc Army overview
Microworld Games Orc Army overview

Next thing to do is ordering bases:

  • 40x40mm (regular troops)
  • 20x20mm (skirmishers)
  • 20mm round (hero and command units)

Will base the miniatures for use with Mayhem. The rules recommend these base sizes for smaller scales, so i will simply stick to them. As long as all players use the same base sizes tho, you can go with any base size for Mayhem. They just need to be square/rectangular (regular troops and skirmishers) and round (heroes) accordingly.

If you’d like to know more about the rules, you can learn about in my in-depth review of the Mayhem fantasy rules system.

The scifi armies

On top of the fantasy ones, i also ordered two small scifi armies:

Falchion Faction

The Falchion faction will include:

  • Tanks
  • Troop transports (IFV)
  • Artillery
  • Scout units
  • Support in form of dual turret vehicles, AAA systems and MLRS
Microworld Games Falchion faction overview
Microworld Games Falchion faction overview

Bayonet Faction

The Bayonet faction will come with:

  • Tanks
  • Troop transports (IFV)
  • Artillery
  • Scout units
  • Radar/ECM troop, guided missile vehicles and MLRS system for support
Microworld Games Bayonet faction overview
Microworld Games Bayonet faction overview

These two scifi factions will be used primarily with the free Dirtside 2 rules system.


I am really happy i stumbled upon these fabulous miniatures. As i’ve yet put everything into my Cold War miniatures so far, i’m really looking forward to receiving my first 3mm fantasy and scifi miniatures for a bit of variety.

Did you like these 3mm miniatures as much as i do? Make sure to pay Microworld Games a visit and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Update: in the meantime i received the order and you can read my first impression in my review of the Microworld Games miniatures.

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