Insurgent Earth custom POI cards (unofficial)

Dear fellow survivors of the alien invasion,
below you can find my custom POI cards meant to be used with Patrick Todoroff’s excellent “Insurgent Earth” wargaming rules. Currrent version is 1.0 (December 31st 2023).

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I initially started these cards in early December 2023. I was playing around with AI image generation (i used Adobe’s Firefly AI as it comes free with my Photoshop subscription) and found the images quite great and useful. So i did some layout variants and tried colors, fonts, elements and added AI images. Once i had a first version ready to show, i tried to upload them to the Stalker7 Facebook page, but the file apparently was too big and got rejected. So i decided to take a shortcut and just upload it to my blogs’ webspace and provide a download link. While, due to popular demand, doing a print-at-home version, i decided to step up a bit. I always wanted to show my 28mm stuff too somehwere, but it was too much work to put up a separate website for this. So in the end i decided to just add it to my 3mm website. As time passes, i will probably correct errors, add new cards and update the download links below accordingly.

The custom POI cards pack provided includes all cards you find in the rules book (somewhere to the end of the book) plus some extra variants of those. I kept the original type of the cards, but wrote new texts as well as adding the images. In addition, i invented some brand new cards (like the “Alien Flu” or “A helping hand” cards) and added them as well. I hope you like them too, add them to your game as you see fit.

There are two versions available:

  • Borderless cards meant to be sent to a professional playing cards printing service (coming in a few days as i got to update and export them). A variety of such can easily be found by a simple web search. The cards are meant to be printed on Skat sized cards (about 59 x 91mm or 2.32 x 3.58 inch). Please check back with the printing service of your choice before ordering as they might have different requirements for things like color pallette, card size or margins for cutting. Their customer service should be able to tell if the cards come out okay the way i designed them.
  • Cards with cut-out borders on A4 sheets meant to be either home printed or be done at your local copyshop. I recommend using thick paper (maybe 200-300g/m² quality) and probably even have the sheets laminated before cutting to make them more sturdy.

Both versions include a generic “Point of interest (POI)” card. This one is meant to be printed on each cards back side. For the A4 sheet variant, i designed them so you can re-insert your printed card sheets back-to-front and have the POI printed on the back. Do a test sheet to have the back side oriented correctly 😉 As i do not own a printer myself, i could not test yet. Will head to the copyshop in the new year and get a set done for myself.

Please note these cards are in no way official and i am not affiliated with Patrick Todoroff or the “Insurgent Earth” project. This is merely a private fan project that aims to appreciate and improve this fantastic rules set, publishing it in hope it adds to you folks’ gameplay. All brand names and trademarks are property of their respective owners. You are allowed to print (or have printed) the cards for personal use only. Please do not redistribute in any way! Seriously, do not. If you want to share these cards, please link this web page instead. Thank you very much! If you have ideas or wishes for additional cards you would love to see, i am always happy to hear about. You can comment down below in the comment section, send an email or answer my post on the Stalker7 Facebook page.

Last but not least, i would love to thank Patrick for creating this enjoyable rules set and also the community of the Stalker7 Facebook page for all the postive and constructive comments about the cards. I hope they add to your experience.

Keep painting, building, playing! Enjoy life!

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